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5G promises transformational economics for service providers and new experiences for their customers. But 5G New Radio technologies alone won’t allow operators to realize the full potential of 5G.

5G is the sum of many building blocks that span radio access, transport, and core networks. 5G also relies on automation for new levels of orchestration, security, and service assurance. Delivering the differentiated customer experiences that allow operators to maximize 5G value requires integrating these components end-to-end. That’s why Juniper believes it takes an ecosystem to build a 5G network.


MWC Barcelona 2023

Learn about an innovative network experience that’s open, cloudified, automated, secure, and sustainable with highlights from MWC Barcelona 2023.

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How Juniper can help

Juniper helps service providers navigate their journey to 5G by providing all the building blocks needed to create new business value and compete in the coming decade. We can help you reimagine your architecture, operations, and service experience to unlock the full power and potential of 5G.


Open RAN

The Juniper Open RAN solution is an intelligent, interoperable, and programmable mobile network architecture. Powered by a broad solutions ecosystem, it gives service providers the freedom to choose from a comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed vendors, drive rapid innovation for high-value services, and challenge the status quo.


Cloud Metro

The Juniper Cloud Metro multiservice architecture consistently delivers assured user experiences across distributed cloud services. Using network slicing, service-aware technologies, and cloud-scale capabilities, you can meet or exceed user expectations for every service while eliminating the costs and complexity of siloed metro operations.


Automated, assured services

The service experience is a critical differentiator for network operators. It’s not enough to keep pace with end-user expectations. You must exceed them, which requires a network that’s responsive, insightful, elastic, and resilient. Juniper Automation provides the service assurance you need to gain that competitive advantage.


Security from client to cloud

Network operators face large volumes of threats with the potential to disrupt their services. Juniper Connected Security safeguards users, applications, and infrastructure by using your entire network infrastructure to detect threats on multiple fronts and extending that threat intelligence to all connection points across your network.  


Telco and edge cloud

Mobile operators are embracing telco and edge cloud to deliver high-value 5G services. Juniper’s cloud-first solution is an open, cloud-native architecture that enables workload portability, scalability, and operational consistency across hybrid and multicloud ecosystems. Use it to become more responsive to your customers’ business needs.  

Find 5G networking in these solutions

Open RAN

Open RAN enables deployment of innovative services as radio access network (RAN) applications that take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud Metro

Apply cloud principles to metro networks to achieve sustainable business growth with future-proof performance, adaptive power innovation, embedded active assurance, and zero trust security.

Paragon Automation

Paragon Automation delivers closed-loop automation to translate business intent into tangible outcomes. The solution helps ensure that your customers receive assured service experiences throughout the network lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day 2.


Transforming Customer Experiences Across Mobile, Residential, and Business Services

Running many disparate networks was slowing Telefónica’s ability to implement new services. The solution? Merging its networks and the people and processes surrounding them.

Telefónica is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. When it became difficult to keep up with traffic growth across its many disparate networks, the company teamed with Juniper to simplify things by converging disparate telecom organizations and processes.

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How Intel and Juniper are advancing Open Ran

Collaboration is key to emerging networking architectures such as Open RAN. Join Caroline Chan of Intel and Raj Yavatkar of Juniper Networks as they discuss the importance of 5G ecosystems such as Intel FlexRAN in 5G adoption.

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