Akamai expands internal backbone for its intelligent edge platform

Akamai helps retailers, banks, streaming video services, game publishers, and many other organizations bring their digital experiences closer to their customers—and keep threats farther away. As the world’s largest edge platform, Akamai offers its customers unrivaled capacity, scale, and intelligence.

Akamai relies on Juniper routing and switching for its internal transport and data center networks.


Company Akamai
Industry Technology
Products used QFX10002PTX10003Junos OS
Region Americas
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Customer Success At-a-glance

65 Tbps

Innovative, software-defined, up to 65-terabit-per-second network, around the world covering 65 cities and 5 continents.

Leverages Junos OS Evolved for Metro connectivity

Runs Junos operating system on whitebox switches for greater choice of hardware.


Powering and protecting life online

The pandemic magnified the importance of great digital connections in our daily lives. Ever since the virus first swept the world, organizations have supercharged their focus on building and delivering digital experiences.

And that makes Akamai’s role in powering and protecting life online more critical than ever.

Akamai’s global infrastructure delivers daily peak traffic averaging more than 100 terabits per second, and reached a record peak of 200 terabits per second in 2021. Half of the Fortune 500 run their digital services through the Akamai platform, as do 19 of the top 20 commerce retailers in the U.S. and the top 5 global streaming video services, according to Akamai.

AKAMAI Challenge

An agile backbone enables delivery of digital experiences

As a proven innovator on a global scale, Akamai’s network spans more than 4200 points of presence and connects to 1400 ISP and carrier networks in 135 countries.

Akamai uses the high-density, compact Juniper PTX10003 Packet Transport Router for its internal backbone.

Akamai leverages the very dense, highly scalable Juniper QFX10002 line of Switches as well as Junos OS running on whitebox switches to create a flexible network at its points of presence. Running the disaggregated Junos OS on whitebox switches provides Akamai with a highly scalable, agile, and automated data center fabric on its choice of hardware.

Akamai is an early adopter of running Junos OS Evolved on its PTX platforms. This implementation provides Akamai with a unified network operating system that enables the cloud-scale reliability, agility, and open programmability needed to accelerate service deployment and innovation.

AKAMAI Solution

Deftly handled 12 months of traffic growth in a single month

Akamai’s software-defined network delivers massive scale and efficiency, allowing the company to rapidly adapt to its customers’ ever-changing content consumption habits and volumes.

That agility was tested in March 2020, when Akamai saw a year’s worth of traffic growth in a single month. Akamai rapidly scaled its complex global infrastructure to meet record-breaking demand for streaming media and gaming, and the sudden shift of working and learning from home. 

AKAMAI Outcome
“Juniper’s PTX routers and QFX switches provide the scalability, port density, and power- and space-efficient rack footprint we need for our enterprise WAN.”
Christian Kaufmann Vice President of Technology, Akamai

Akamai - Building A Backbone For the Intelligent Edge Platform. (12:03)

 Published October 2021