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Zero Trust Data Center

Operationalize zero trust with Juniper Data Center Security

Juniper Connected Security delivers a comprehensive data center security solution that extends zero trust across every point of connection on the network, regardless of the architecture. With unified management, context-driven network-wide visibility and analytics, and a single policy framework, Juniper safeguards applications, data, and infrastructure across your hybrid environments. Our solution is effective, scalable, and extends security from data centers to the cloud, thus helping organizations easily transition to new architectures at their chosen pace.

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99.9% Security Effectiveness

Juniper received a “AAA” Rating in CyberRatings’ Enterprise Network Firewall Report, demonstrating a 99.9% exploit block rate with zero false positives.

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How Juniper can help

Security begins with the network, and our Juniper Connected Security strategy leverages network and security elements equally to deliver a comprehensive data center security solution. It extends zero trust across every point of connection on the network—switches, routers, and firewalls; public and private cloud platforms; and third-party devices—turning them into enforcement points and creating a threat-aware network. Our zero trust data-center architecture is bolstered by unified security-management experience, a single policy framework, and continuous monitoring and threat detection to thwart attacks across your hybrid network.

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Implement zero trust in your network

Extend zero trust security across hybrid environments with a centralized policy enforcer, context-driven network-wide visibility and analytics, and a single policy framework that protects applications, data, and infrastructure regardless of location. 

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Limit attack surfaces

Secure East-West and North-South traffic using a combination of physical, virtual, and containerized firewalls that use the same policy engine. Create a policy once and then apply, enforce, and manage it across your hybrid data centers from a single user interface to avoid misconfigurations.

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Reduce operational complexity

Reduce complexity by consolidating technologies into well-integrated central control point and automating mundane tasks to avoid compliance failures and breaches due to misconfigurations. Make transitions to new architectures easy, repeatable, and scalable by removing complexity.

Customer Success

AI-driven, zero trust network yields business agility for AmeriTrust

AmeriTrust, a specialty insurance commercial underwriter and administration services company, looked to digital transformation to fuel growth. It embarked on an ambitious effort to streamline IT operations, strengthen cybersecurity, and drive business success in an unpredictable and changing world.

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Get instant, data-backed expert recommendations by answering a few questions in our Data Center Discovery Tool. Share the business case with your team, watch a demo, or call us to learn more. 

Discover 283% ROI with Juniper Connected Security

Check out the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact of Juniper Connected Security Report to learn more.

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